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Opps ! Manushi Chhillar Says She Didn’t Followed Bollywood?

Manushi Chhillar Manushi Chhillar recently featured in Bollywood celebrity photographer Daboo Ratnani’s calendar so when asked Manushi whether Bollywood offers are coming her way or she will complete her study of medicine, she said, “I am only 20. I will be honest and I have my whole life to explore so many opportunities. Definitely, I always felt more passionate and curious about learning medicine that is why I was so excited studying it as well. Of course, I am going to complete my education but if I get an opportunity not only in Bollywood or anything else in the world, I would definitely take it because opportunities don’t come every day. I don’t know what is made for me and who said I can’t do both?”

Manushi Chhillar is leading the 'Beauty With A Purpose' tour with the 'Feminine Hygiene Awareness' campaign in India. Menstruation hygiene is still a taboo all across the world so when asked Manushi what’s the reason behind it that still people aren’t more aware about such important issue, she said, “I think its communication. When you talk about something then obviously you know more about it and you are more comfortable with it. A lot of reasons are there due to which it’s a taboo and we have myths. It’s because people don’t know why it happens and they would associate it with impurity or disease that is going wrong in your body and that is very natural so people try to explain it the way they understood it but now, since we know science behind it, times have changed and now even we have technology to manage your menstruation so similarly, a thought process should change which can change through communication”

There are debates in country that employers should grant a leave to a woman employee every time she menstruates, reacting to that debate, Manushi said, “I think day of menstruating is like your any other day. It should be treated like any other day. Definitely, if you need a leave then system should be considerate enough to provide you with one but it should not be like a compulsory leave that you could just take because you are menstruating as that would actually mean that there is something going wrong and that’s the message we do not want to send out to the society”

At the event, there was also Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle, along with Magline Jeruto (Miss World Africa), Ha Eun Kim (Miss World Asia), Annie Dian Evans (Miss World Oceania), Stephanie Jayne Hill (Miss World Europe), Solange Johnson Sinclair (Miss World Caribbean) and Alma Andrea Meza Carmona (Miss World America). They collectively also shed light on how menstrual hygiene is a global issue, and reflected on more ways to curb it.

Manushi Chhillar

Miss World Manushi Chhillar launched FBB Colors Femina Misss India 2018 along with other Miss World’s from their respective continents of the world on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Manushi said that, she didn’t used to follow Bollywood as she was more into books.

When asked Manushi whether she follows Bollywood, she said, “I’ll be very honest, I haven’t followed bollywood that much. It’s because I have a sister who is crazy behind Bollywood and my mom is very crazy behind Shah Rukh Khan so because of that, I used to watch lot of Bollywood movies but unfortunately, I was always more into books”

Manushi Chhillar

When asked repeated question to Manushi whether she has been approached by Karan Johar to cast her in ‘Student of The Year 2’, she said, “I think its Karan Johar who is doing the casting then the media should ask him this question instead. He (Karan Johar) said he is going to make the movie but did he ever said that he is going to cast me? As of now, we all Miss World’s from different continents are touring for ‘Beauty with Purpose’ initiative and that’s what going on. Movies are something which would be very exciting journey for me but this is his job to cast whoever he wants to so this question should go to him instead”.

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