Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shama Sikander Trolls With Her "BIKINI" Avatar on Instagram

Shama Sikander Hot Instagram Pic
Shama Sikander Instagram | Bikini Avatar | Bollywood Tashan

Shama took to Instagram to share a picture in which she is seen wearing a hot bikini and gave a powerful caption to the image.“They are “juicy” and also are “melons “ or whatever else you prefer calling them.

Shama wrote that she loved her body no matter how people labelled her body parts. Shama sets her Instagram on fire every time she posts pictures from her wonderful vacations in different parts of the world. She is not shy and posts her swimwear snaps as well.

Check out what Shama Sikander Says about her Bikini Avatar,

“A woman has B**BS...that’s what makes her different than men and I’m grateful that I’m a woman and a blessed one indeed. Yes “I HAVE B**BS” and nice ones indeed.. they are “juicy” and also are “melons “ or whatever else you prefer calling them. I think it’s time for all those TROLLS who like to give my body parts names like these to get over it and move on in life. They"re mine and I love them... #BodyShaming #NotTolerated”

Shama Sikander Melons Insta Pic

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