Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Xbox One Controller Button Remapping Coming Soon

Xbox is one name that brings an awesome feeling for game lovers and one more things added to make them happier is that Xbox One controllers’ customization would be soon available. People who don’t want to pay $150 for new controllers, Xbox one controller button remapping is a wonderful idea.

The controller was first seen at E3 and Redmond and then in August Elite Bundle was unveiled and there is added advantage with that is, it have a matte finish console along with a controller and 1TB Solid State Hybrid drive. This is preferably designed for game lovers, and competitive users who are using Windows 10 and Xbox one can use the same. Reason, it not only have great looks but on the same time it has customized functions as well as features including hair-trigger locks and interchangeable paddles. 

US customers can buy the package at the cost of $499 exclusive on Microsoft stores and GameStop from November 3. The pre-order bookings are also open online and so if you are interested then can go for the same. The Standalone wireless controller can be bought from October 26.                

Redmond has a promise to the gamers that it would be their biggest update till date and in November, a new and transformed Xbox One would provide you with more social and fastest Xbox experience which would not be experienced even in past.

The party chat limit is exceeded by the company, some time before, to 8 people to 12 and this was cherry on the cake for those who have switched to windows 10 based UI and additional backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games.

Immediately, next gen console would not have all features, but as per a recent announcement by Microsoft its digital assistant Cortana will not be launched on the Xbox One until 2016.
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