Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book With Windows 10 Launched

Chief executive Leader of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has made an announcement that Microsoft has been collaboration in place of making competition. He added to the announcement that the prime task is to help consumers making use of products with their desired device. The competitive side of the Microsoft is shown with the first ever laptop with them. Microsoft’s first laptop is called Surface Book, having a 13.5 inch screen and its weight is around 3.34 pounds. The main attraction is the keyboard that can also be detached and due to this feature it is directly compared with Apple’s MacBook Air along with lightweight laptops that are known as ultra-books. Surface Book can be used as tablet and other traditional laptop.

 It seems nothing is going as per the announcement, because after Announcement the focus of Nadella and his company should be over Surface book, but it is over shoring up services and software but not support the hardware side. Along with that the Microsoft Surface Leader Panos Panay make another announcement of a new laptop and other gadgets that is showing the plans to expand Microsoft reach by advertising in a way to showcase for the best what are the capabilities of the Window.  The statement by Panay “we’re relentless, Satya pushes us to be growth hackers, we can’t just stop. We need a fleet.” Supports which is mentioned above.
Microsoft launched a huge line of other gadgets including two new Lumia phones, Second generation of health-focused wearable, the Microsoft band and a new Surface Pro 4 in addition to the Surface Book. This includes an updated gaming demo of its segmented reality glasses, that are HoloLens, and that can be worn by users to project digital images over the real world. Analysts have their view about the Microsoft work, they believed that energy and enthusiasm of Microsoft’s are really appreciable but it can do much more if that would be shifted to the consumers because they are the one who would make any product success. The latest hardware looks great and if consumers would give their support to that then would become successful. Even Nadella in his statements has declared that we all as the part of a company can show enthusiasm to give you the best, but all that would be worth only when the customers would give the support to that. The announcement of company’s latest system windows 10 had been downloaded over millions of devices after its release in July. The growth of the company has ever seen in the new system. Surface book can get the devotion that is not been seen since but when we give a look at the specifications, then it gives assurance that it would give a hardest fight to the running brands in the market. The main components of the laptop featuring its performance, like sixth generation Intel processor, high end graphics processors contained in the keyboard and with the storage of 1TB. In fact, Panay has made a statement by saying that Surface Book is doubly powerful as a MacBook Pro. To prove the statement he even gives a live demo whose highlights is the strength in the area where Apple’s laptops break behind their PC counterparts: gaming. He played Microsoft’s upcoming “Gears of war” using video editing software and the whole work was flawless without missing a beat. Surface book is available for pre order on Microsoft’s site and will cost you $2,700 that is roughly Rs. 1,75,500 and that indicates it is the most expensive one. It also includes surface Pen in the box with the Book, which gives value of money for the buyers. Not only this, but it is little more than Microsoft Laptops makers even better than the convertible laptops. Users can enjoy uninterrupted gaming with its 12 hours battery life when it’s in laptop mode. 
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